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CFO Development - CFO Seminar Evaluations

On Program Content Quality:

"Love this stuff! I would like to hear about future classes."

"It was very relevant for where I am in the company and I can see how the learning can be put to use right away."

"I enjoyed the breakout session approach and brainstorming."

"I enjoyed all the active participation and concrete discussion with other financial and accounting experts."

"Very interactive, not just lecture."

"A good mix of real world experience with the strong course content."

"Many good take-aways to apply immediately in our roles."

"The seminar set the CFO role in a new light and always provided processes to take forward."

"This was a great opportunity to interact with peers, engage the brain, and not just watch a Powerpoint."

"Great use of time and will use the information immediately."

"This gives me a good framework to move forward in my CFO role."

On Speaker Presentation Skills:

"Craig was organized and to the point, shared relevant information -- and most of all: Practical."

"With Craig there was instant credibility!"

"I liked that he has been in every role — from CFO to CEO to COB."

"He demonstrated real-world knowledge, and greatly articulated concrete examples."

"Mr. Damos was well versed in the content, great life experiences that contributed to the learning."

"He always kept the meeting going; good balance between group discussion & presentation. It was very interactive which allowed for real-world analysis."

"He is very passionate, knowledgeable and discussed experiences."

"Craig actually listened and incorporated our ideas, and didn't just politely discard by them."

"He brought personal experiences as examples with great presentation skills and feedback for groups."

"I felt like I could take away extremely concrete ways to add value to my company."

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CFO Development & Leadership
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"Elevating the CFO Role to Financial Leader"

by Craig Damos, President, The Damos Company
Seminar Date:
December 12, 2013

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