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Professional Bio

Professional Bio Profit Ehnancement Professional Bio

Strategic Planning

"In a Time of Tightening Profit Margins, Effective Planning &
Execution Are Critical"

I. Distinctive, Facilitated Planning Process Focused on Profitable Growth

II. Planning Team's Best Thinking to Determine Organizational Vision

III. System of Accountability for Effective Execution

IV. An Executable Written Plan

V. Leadership Development: Effective Succession/Organization Value Creation

Learn More: Strategic Planning Overview

Profit Enhancement

"Elevating the Entire
Management Team's Financial
& Risk Acumen"

I. CEO Evaluation of Management Team's Financial Capabilities

II. Team & Individual Development - Tailored to Specific Needs

III. Enhancing Profit Margin - Development Focus

IV. Development Supported with Team & Individual Coaching

V. Results Driven for Solid Return on Investment


"Transitioning from
Technical Manager to
Financial Leader"

I. CFO Coaching - CFO Coaching Service Overview

• Formal 13-Month Program: Three-Legged Stool (CFO, CEO and Craig)

• Specifically Tailored CFO Development Plan

Testimonials for Strategic Planning

"Having a veteran third party lead our strategic planning process was essential. Craig was able to ask the tough questions, address the elephants in the room, and uncover the skeletons in the closet. He was able to help us see -- and ultimately address -- the things we were too close to see. I'm confident we wouldn't have come so far, so quickly and efficiently, without Craig. His guidance and confident approach allowed us to outline a strategy that was both grounded in the reality of our business and aggressive enough to affect real change."
--Brian Jones, President, Two Rivers Marketing

"Working with Craig Damos through the implementation and execution of our strategic plan not only elevated the organization's business acumen; Craig re-energized Amanda the Panda's Board and the organization's vision. He drives results through empowering and holding others accountable. 'Managers light a fire behind. Leaders ignite the fire within.' These were one of the first words of wisdom Craig shared with me. They resonated then, and now, because he exemplifies this through his facilitation style and consulting. Personally, I have grown under Craig's tutelage he inspires me to be a better leader. His efforts have helped positively impacted countless lives and we are honored to have him play such a vital role within Amanda the Panda."
--Charlene "Charlie" Kiesling, Executive Director, Amanda The Panda

Additional Testimonials & Results

Testimonials for CFO Development
& Coaching Seminar

Held October 18, 2012, at Glen Oaks Country Club

On Program Content Quality:

"Love this stuff! I would like to hear about future classes."

"It was very relevant for where I am in the company and I can see how the learning can be put to use right away."

"I enjoyed the breakout session approach and brainstorming."

"Very much liked all the active participation and concrete discussion with other financial and accounting experts."

"Very interactive, not just lecture."

"A good mix of real world experience with the strong course content.

On Speaker Presentation Skills:

"Craig was organized and to the point, shared relevant information -- and most of all: Practical."

"With Craig there was instant credibility!"

"I liked that he has been in every role -- from CFO to CEO to COB.

"He demonstrated real-world knowledge, and greatly articulated concrete examples."

"Mr. Damos was well versed in the content, great life experiences that contributed to the learning."

Additional Testimonials & Results

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